Italian Spring Cakes
Colomba is the Easter Panettone!

Shaped like a dove, it represents a symbol of innocence, gentleness, and affection. On the inside, it's the same cake as the panettone; the luscious bread made with lots of eggs, sugar, some flour, and a 60 plus year old starter yeast.

It will have been about 90 days since we last sank our teeth into a lemon panettone. And, it will be another 240 days until we can have another. These Colomba are from Albertengo. If you want a Sorrento Lemon or a Classico, we will have them in time for the all important Easter weekend.

Though there is a rumor that Panettone will be available year round some day, that day has not arrived. So, we look forward to a bread shaped like a dove. For some reason I feel like eating the whole thing in one day … well, maybe a wing.

Just a little bit shorter or less lofty makes it a tiny bit denser and, some say, better than panettone! Let's face it, a cake that takes several days just to rise, than hangs upside down to cool, it's gotta be good!