Founded in 2006, ChocoLate Organiko is the collective dream of a group of chocolate lovers in Madrid, Spain. They dreamed of making and designing thier own chocolates, all from 100% Organic Trinitario cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Trinidad Islands. They also made the effort to identify the finest organic raw ingredients, from the almonds to the lemons to the pink peppercorns -- all with the ultimate goal of creating the most delicious chocolate bars on the planet. 

These chocolate are for eating! Like a good bar of chocolate from childhood, chow down and eat! No need to savor these babies, everyone has said it, I just ate'em up. Perfect for every lunch box, glove box, and late nut snack before 8 o'clock. Get a handful and mix 'em up. A little of one goes well with a little of another.

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