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Cantuccini - Tuscan Almond Biscuits

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Cantuccini - Tuscan Almond Biscuits
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These are slices of Tuscan culinary heaven. We may call them biscotti over here but the Tuscans, and most other Italians for that matter, call them Cantuccini. They are twice baked slices made from just a few ingredients, including extra egg yolks to give these crunchy biscuits their golden color.

They are great for dipping in coffee, tea, or some sweet Vin Santo.

Don, who has brought you this amazing newsletter only reader deal (the guru of the news) takes the cantuccini and melts the Grand Cru Swiss drinking chocolate in the microwave ... and dips .... we tried it at the office the other day (we have to test everything we sell at least three times) and it was good! Gone before lunch!

about Corsini

In Castel del Piano, on Mount Amiata, down Corso Nasini, just next to the small church of San Giuseppe, Solidea and Corrado Corsini settled in 1921, purchasing the town's historic bakery where they began baking traditional Tuscan bread and sweets in the wood fired oven. The recipes that create the wonderful aromas and flavors for their cakes and cookies have remained the same over the years, living proof of their quality and desirability.

Today, these goodies travel across Italy and Europe, bringing with them the original passion transmitted to Ubaldo Corsini and later to his own children, Corrado Jr., Andrea, and Gianluca, who continue perpetuating the tradition.

Corsini keeps on baking its tasty products in Castelpiano, 700 meters above sea level. The air, the water, the climate and the beauty of the landscape all have their affect on the sweets that the Corsini bake.

They say that one slice of their panettone or one bite of their Cantuccini will fill you with an understanding of the area in which they are baked, simple, genuine tastes, as real as those that came from the oven of Solidea and Corrado. Their secret is simple: the same, classic recipes, baking according to tradition and always first-quality ingredients.

The ancient bakery is still at its place and continues in baking fresh bread, cakes and cookies every day. The Corsini sweets steadily won a reputation for homemade goodness, eventually creating a demand that exceeded the historic bakery's capacity, and so the Corsini have built more capacity near the original bakery to satisfy demand while maintaining the traditional quality.

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