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Brown Rice, Organic - California

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Brown Rice, Organic - California

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4 lbs - California - USDA Organic

One of our very favorite rices now, we have it with lunch in the warehouse, almost as often as our morning oatmeal!

Just by chance, we stumbled across this wonderful medium-grain brown rice by Massa Organics at the fabulous Ferry Terminal Farmers Market, when we were visiting San Francisco.

When you first see it, you just want to reach out and touch the plump, velvety-looking rice grains. (And if you too visit the market, you can do this! There's a little sample bowl of rice with a sign: "Please touch.") Now, I'm not usually a brown rice person, but I was totally intrigued.

If you like brown rice, this may be the best you have ever had. And if you're not a fan, well, . . . you just might convert. Or there's always the happy medium: just add this terrific rice to your shelf of favorite pantry staples!

About the Producer
Greg Massa, rice farmer and co-owner of Massa Organics, was happy to talk to us that day at the market. He and his partner Raquel Krach, both tropical biologists by training, decided that the academic world was too far removed from important real-life work and social interconnection. Farming, all about hands-on conservation and putting ideals into practice, was the perfect solution.

Small farming has given Greg and Raquel the opportunity to remove themselves from "the unsustainable and unprofitable world of conventional agriculture," according to their mission statement. Sounds good to us! Their organic brown rice is grown using many sustainable practices of irrigation and cultivation, and they are working to extend their certified organic acreage all the time.

In addition to conservation and ecology, Massa Organics believes in social solutions. Carrying on Greg's family's fourth-generation rice farm is one way to do this. Another is to be involved in community organizations and be visible in the community. Plus, the rice farm is open for visits from school groups, showing young people where their food really comes from.

Storage Recommendations
Like other whole grains (and unlike white rice), brown rice is minimally processed - only the inedible hull is removed, preserving the protein and bran (and the nutrients!) However, the rice's natural oils will eventually become rancid - so keep your rice in an airtight container in a cool, dark pantry, and use it within several months. Storing (still airtight) in the refrigerator will help the rice last several additional months.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice
* Whole grains are good for you! They have been shown to decrease risk of various diseases, and they contain anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutrients as well.

* Whole grains includes all three parts of the kernel: the bran, the germ and the starchy endosperm - this is the one that's left when grains are refined, but it's the bran and the germ that contain lots of protein and nutrients.

* Rice is particularly digestible among grains. Also, it works for those who eat gluten-free.

How to cook brown rice according to Massa:
Recipe on How To Cook Massa Organic's Brown Rice

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Brown Rice, Organic - California

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