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Bean Sampler (Set of 4)

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Bean Sampler (Set of 4)
Product Code: 7066
Unit of Measure:EACH
Our Price: $28.00


4 1-lb bags
Try Our Bean Sampler!

A special deal!

Includes one 1-lb bag each of:

Corona Beans
Cranberry Beans
Scarlet Runner Beans

Learn all about these beans and how to cook them - plus recipes, of course, by checking out the newsletter.

Corona Beans: Astoundingly big and meaty, these gorgeous white beans are meant to star! Top them with a spicy tomato sauce for a delicious, filling, and very economical main dish.

Flageolets: A favorite bean in France, where they're often cooked with herbs and a little meat for flavor, we love flageolets in room-temperature salads, too. They hold their shape well after cooking.

Cranberry Beans: Popular in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese cuisine, cranberry beans are the perfect size and shape for cold salads. Tuna's a very nice pairing - add a little chopped dill and scallions, and presto: lunch!

Scarlet Runner Beans: These striking beans darken when cooked, making them ideal for a showy presentation. Puree them with olive oil into a dip, or leave them whole and lovely and serve with herbed rice or toss with pasta.

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