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Argan Oil - Untoasted

Argan Oil - Untoasted
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Raw Moroccan Argan Oil - 250 ml (8.4 oz) - Morocco

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The untoasted (raw), food-grade Argan oil is a deep golden oil, often with a reddish tinge. It comes from a tree found only in Morocco, and for a long time, it was available only there. This gem is still hard to find. With a nose of unusual aroma it 's a sweet nutty smell, with a hint of fruit. It has a subtle flavor that is less pronounced than a strong olive oil, yet it can make it's presence know when paired with the right foods.

Argan oil is lighter in weight and body than nut oils and olive oils, and more similar to seed oils like sesame or pumpkin seed. But that's where the similarity ends. Although the toasted variety has a strong, toasty aroma that jumps out at you as soon as you open the bottle, and has a bold flavor, the untoasted is mild and delicious.

It opens with just a hint of nuttiness, it provides an oh-so-light, buttery mouth feel, before moving on to a mild finish.

In Morocco, it is used both as a cooking oil and as a flavoring/finishing ingredient - much like olive oil. In salads it is most often combined with lemon juice, while for tagines (stews) and couscous it is a finishing drizzle. It is also eaten for breakfast, combined with honey and yogurt. Another wonderful Moroccan breakfast is warm, freshly made flatbreads, reminiscent of fresh tortillas, served drizzled with argan oil and honey. With a cafe au lait Moroccan style (substitute a latte!), there's nothing better.

In this day and age, local specialties as good as argan oil - a longtime Berber tradition - cannot be kept secret from the world's curious chefs. Today, it can be found on the menus of some of the best restaurants in the world, in France, in England, in the USA and elsewhere. Four Star chefs use it to finish soups, to create Argan Oil Vinaigrettes for simple and composed salads, to flavor cooked grains and stews, and to finish grilled meats, fish, and vegetables.

Serving Ideas

We suggest much of the same. For salads create vinaigrettes using lighter acids like lemon juice, verjus, champagne vinegar, cider vinegar, Banyuls vinegar or any combination of these. You can also blend the argan with grape seed oil or a light olive oil to create a softer flavor. An argan oil vinaigrette works well with salads composed of strongly flavored ingredients like blue or goat cheeses, grill meats and poultry, and even nuts and fruit like in Jean Galton's Chicken Salad with Almonds, Mango and Argan Oil.

We also recommend it to finish bean and vegetable soups, such as a puréed white bean soup, squash soup or potato and leek soup. It goes especially well with the flavor of lentils as in the traditional Lentils with Tomato and Argan Oil. Don't forget to experiment with it on some grill halibut or sea bass.

Or...why not just toast some almonds and sprinkle them with argan oil for a late night snack?

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