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Aleppo Pepper - Syria

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Aleppo Pepper - Syria
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2 oz

The wonderful Aleppo pepper is a dark red, robust pepper grown in the area around Aleppo (Halab in Arabic) in northwestern Syria just south of the Turkish border. With its high oil content, this dried and crushed red pepper has a deliciously deep, aromatic flavor. With a bit more heat than paprika - but not so much that it masks the pepper's flavor - it is truly a versatile ingredient in the kitchen and at the table.

In Syria, Aleppo Pepper is traditionally used for many dishes, especially soups, salads, and fish. It's also delicious in chili, meat loaf (really!), and sauces, or anywhere paprika is called for but a bit of a stronger flavor is desired. It is also excellent on grilled meats like chicken breast, steak, and chops, and makes an attractive sprinkle for potato, chicken and tuna salad and deviled eggs too.

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