Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe - Italian Herbed Sea Salt
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Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe - Vignalta Herbed Sea Salt

300 grams 10.6 oz jar - Italy

Sale Alle Erbe

Italian Herbed Sea Salt

Open a jar and smell the salt! It is not at all what you would expect!

The smell is a wonderful food for your nose! It is quite remarkable as you can smell three distinct notes. Like a wave, the fresh rosemary rises up and curls over revealing the sage and garlic.

Take a “pinch” to taste in your mouth. Let the salt melt away with the sage, rosemary and then time allows all the flavors to come through and linger as you suck your cheeks in. It might not be spoon ready, but for sure it is pinch ready!

This salt, from award winning wine maker Vignalta, uses all fresh rosemary, sage and garlic that is then ground together with the Sicilian sea salt. This imbeds the herbs into each grain of salt giving you get excellent flavor and allows you to salt like you normally would.

Those that have used this herbed sea salt swear by it. This salt mix imparts its flavors on a baked chicken nicely. Used lightly with a pristine rockfish or simply toss on your next baked potato. It’s easy.

Ingredients: sea salt, fresh rosemary, fresh garlic, fresh sage, black pepper

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