Trio of Ketchups from Hawkshead
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Trio of Ketchup
  • Hawkshead Black Garlic Ketchup
  • Hawkshead Bloody Mary Ketchup
  • Hawkshead Smoky BBQ Sauce

Description & Details

A Trio of Ketchup

Glamping Trio 0f Ketchups

Even if you are camping at home or know someone who is, making simple comfort foods sure does fill a void and helps the brain be happy!

Hot dogs, really sausages of any kind are a great reprieve from making dinner! Boil, fry or cook over the fire, they are super easy and can be cooked with zero to full attention. (Sometimes the act of turning a dog is a blissful event).

And the counterpart to a dog is the hamburger. It takes a little more planning and, unless you freeze the patties (you need to be more aware of freshness,)... they all are still easy to cook, and refreshing. Though it is not the dog or the burger that brings the memories, it is the condiments!

Nothing like a good bun to contain the ketchup and mustard, pickled sweet relish, pickles, mayonnaise, oatmeal, onions, black garlic, hard boiled egg, yuzu kosho, harissa, orange whisky marmalade, apricot cranberry spicy chutney, pesto and more ketchup!

These three "ketchups" are really fun to have around. They mix up what you expect, yet are easy and make you feel good inside!

The perfect gift to send to your RV glamper, or a stocking stuffer to stuff at home. Or break the trio apart and get three gifts (it's like getting 3 gifts for the price of 2) though I am never for breaking up a trio.

And how can you go wrong with ketchup? Each one of these stand on there own as being special and together they are happiness and joy

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