Tranquilidad Wild Harvest Beniano 74% Chocolate Bar
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Tranquilidad Wild Harvest Chocolate Bar - 74% Beniano Cocoa

85 grams - Bolivia

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Tranqilidad fills the appetite!
and finishes like an aperitif!

Chocolate is one of the most complex foods we have and is said to have over 200 different flavor compounds. To identify them is beyond my simple tongue and perhaps why, when we try to define the taste of chocolate, we are at a loss for words! And why chocolate above 65% (dark) can be so complex and is without the need to be sweet to be satisfying and, ultimately, fulfilling that sweet craving!

Great chocolate, or more correctly the wild cocoa bean from which it is derived, is more rare and difficult to cultivate and harvest than one might think.

Keep in mind, most chocolate does not come from a wild bean grown in the remotest locations of the Amazon (as is this one). Most chocolate comes from a “domesticated” bean, easy to grow and many generations from their origins. Not to say those beans (and chocolate) are bad…. just not the best possible.

This wild bean has existed as Cru Sauvage chocolate (68%), and a honest favorite of my Mom, who could care less about where it is from or any back story, as all she cares about is the taste and, at 98, she doesn’t eat what she doesn’t like. Tranquilidad meets her taste criteria.

This bar from Tranquilidad (74%), made from the same Beniano Amazon Cocoa as Cru Sauvage, is one of the rarest beans known to man and is truly amazing. Slightly darker than Cru Sauvage, it is as smooth as any chocolate.

Tranquilidad is calming.

To the nose there is a lot of personality hidden there. With some quiet notes of floral hinted.

When breaking (the bar) it has a very good snap.

The bite is firm and not quite sharp. Once warm it softens nicely and is clean and gentle. The flavor has many levels of harmony. Not quite bluegrass and not a quiet guitar strum, it has the sweet feel of a quiet yet full banjo.

After your first few bites to break your piece apart the chocolate starts to melt and you stop chewing and let the chocolate dissolve naturally, savoring all the hints of the rain forest. Without a doubt it is smooth, smooth and smoother with a complexity that is so satisfyingly simple.

Tranqilidad fills the appetite and finishes like an aperitif.

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