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Taste #5 Chef Nobu Vegetarian Umami Paste - 2.46 oz tube

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Taste #5 Nobu!
Garlic spiced purée, Umami!

This “tube-of-food” was created with Nobu Matsuhisa, one of the great chefs of all time! Often referred to as just, Nobu, he is one of the great Chef/Owners. With 25 restaurants in 21 cities Chef Nobu first fused Japanese with Peruvian, then Argentinian, he has continued to make food as one of the masters of “fusion”.

Tasting this one pure, straight out of the tube; It has a wonderful encapsulating opening of your buds kinda flavor.

Even after the paste is gone and your palate has no physical remains, you still find yourself pushing your tongue to the top your mouth to continue to savor the flavor of this wonderful paste. 

It’s Umami after all, the fifth taste.

Squeeze a little out to go in the wok, add to olive oil and lemon for a salad dressing, let it dance with a piece of meat, or mix it up with any of the “i” ‘s. (Wasabi, sashimi, sushi).

It’s a little miracle in a tube!

ingredients: Garlic Puree (garlic, sunflower oil,salt), miso (soybean, rice, salt, water, yeast), yuzu (citrus) juice, mirin (water, fermented rice, alcohol 12.5%, sugar) powdered shitake mushrooms, lemon juice, matcha (powdered green tea), powdered ginger, spices 

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