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Stone Grindz Single Origin Ancient Ecuador 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

57 gram bar - Scottsdale, AZ

Silver (Americas): 2018 International Chocolate Awards for Dark Chocolate Bars

Legendary cacao with ancient heirloom genetics, Hacienda Victoria is a family operated farm that has been growoing cacao in Ecuador for generations. 85 percent cacao.

For this bar Sontegrindz takes us to Hacienda Victoria Farm, a family run farm on the Ecuadorian coast. This region of Ecuador has been growing fine cavcao for thousands of years. The bean used is an acient heirloom varietal known for its fine flavor profile.

Ella's tasting notes: This bar is creamy. It melts like a smooth butter, releasing a rich chocolate flavor. The melt and flavor are reminicent of a dark chocolate truffle.  There is an undertone of heavy cream, adding a delth to the rich chocolatey flavor. There are notes of toasted hazelnut, faint whispers of dried currant and panela.  The depth of the rich chocolate flavor from these beans runs as deep as their history.  Perfectly balanced and so so creamy, it will change how you think about high-percentage chocolate bars.

ingredients:  cacao, cacao butter, cane sugar

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