Spicy Mustard Seed Oil - Australia
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Spice Mustard Seed oil from Austria
[NEW SIZE] 250 ml (8.5
 fl oz) - Australia  

Spicy Mustard Oil for Cooking from Australia

This mustard seed oil is amazing. A common ingredient in Indian cooking, it has a real spicy kick -- which might take a little getting used to. But, like many amazing and unique ingredients out there -- once you get used to mustard oil, you cannot live without it. 

The health benefits of mustard seed oil abound; This cold pressed mustard seed oil is rich in Omega 3 & 6, rich in vitamins A, E and Beta-carotene, naturally cholesterol free, high in polyunsaturated fats (contains only 5.5% saturated fat) one of the lowest rates of any oil. Add to that a high burn temperature and a very long shelf-life -- and you have a healthy and versatile cooking oil.

Known for its spicy flavor, it is a favored ingredient in India and Australia. You can use mustard oil for cooking like you would with any oil - although it is often used in frying. Kitty said that an Australian friend used it to pan fry his trout. Kitty tried it -- and said it was amazing.

Erucic Acid in Mustard Seed Oil

Most of the mustard seed oil in the U.S. is imported and labeled, "not for human consumption". The reason for this is the presence of a fatty acid called erucic acid. According to Wikipedia: "foods containing large amounts of erucic acid are considered unfit for human consumption". But the Assuies did something interesting. Daryl Lindrea and his folks at Lanaci Pty Ltd in Sydney, Australia were simply applying Mendel¹s genetic experiments on the lowly mustard plant. So, our pals from down under have, through selective breeding, bred the erucic acid out of the mustad that they use to make their Mustard Seed Oil. What is left, for all of us food fanatics out there, is a cold pressed oil that has some interesting omega-3 claims, a very high smoke point so that we can sauté with reckless abandon, and a peppery kick to boot.

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