Silver Lime & Rosemary Marmalade - June Taylor
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8 oz - California

about the producer
From her kitchen in Berkeley, California, June Taylor takes advantage of the abundance and variety of local, organically grown fruit and her English heritage to produce a mind-boggling array of outstanding marmalade and conserves.

She uses the best seasonally available fruits, including those ignored by large-scale producers. No batch of delicious fruit is too small for June. Making every attempt to stay local and organic, she is interested in high quality and good flavor, and so if a particular fruit is substandard or poor she will pass on it that season and try something else.

The fruit is hand cut and then cooked. She adds only minimal amounts of sugar and no pectin, based not on a formula but on taste, and so each batch is different. She would rather produce a soft set preserve in which the fruit shines through than meet some artificial expectation of how stiff it should be. The process is involved and labor intensive, but once you've tasted them you'll wonder why anyone does it differently.

Available in very limited quantities.

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