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8 oz - California

June's Silver Lime and Ginger Marmalade is made exclusively with organic Silver Limes, and it's "curiously refreshing," to borrow an old phrase.

The soft "set" marmalade has plenty of Silver Lime rind slivers - a rind that is "thinner" than those typically used for lime marmalades and its bitterness is more subdued than, say, the rind in her Meyer Lemon or Blood Orange marmalades. Using only enough sugar to bring out the wonderful flavor of these special organic limes, June creates a tangy and sweet party for your palate punctuated with a slight hint of ginger. It's pure lime flavor all the way with the tanginess working delightfully from beginning to end and supported by a moderate sweetness.

What is a "silver" lime? Well, it seems that the standard lime, also known as the "Mexican" lime, starts out green in its unripe stage - the stage available in most markets. If left to ripen, the lime becomes a very pale yellow. In between green and pale yellow, the lime color passes through a phase that citrus growers call "silver."

At the "silver" stage in ripeness, the limes begin to soften and their skin begins to get smoother and slightly thinner, and the limes get a bit juicier. The flavor of the lime peel becomes softer, some of the bitterness of the essential lime oil is lost, and the pulp develops a hint of sweetness. At this stage the limes are even more flavorful - perfect for the production of marmalade.

serving suggestions
Try it on some toast, a scone, or your next croissant.

producer information

For June, everything starts with the fruit, or should I say fruits, since she uses 50 to 60 different ones. Making every attempt to stay local and organic, she is interested in high quality and good flavor, and so if a particular fruit is substandard or poor she will pass on it that season and try something else. She has a relationship of trust with the farmers who produce fruit for her, and they understand her rigorous quality standards.

Tradition is not the same small number of fruits produced every year; it's what ever comes in from the farms and fields. She specializes in forgotten fruits, those ignored by companies, large and small, with product profiles set in stone.

June insists on small, hand-produced batches. The process is involved and labor intensive, but once you've tasted them you'll wonder why anyone does it differently. The fruit is hand cut and then cooked. She adds only a minimal amounts of sugar and no pectin, based not on a formula but on taste, and so each batch is different.

She would rather produce a soft set marmalade in which the fruit shines through than meet some artificial expectation of how stiff it should be.

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