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SOMA Ucayali River (Peru) 70-Percent Dark Chocolate Bark with Cocoa Nibs and Orange Peel

125 gram box - Toronto, Canada

70-Percent dark chocolate studded with Cocoa Nibs and Candied Orange peel.

The 70% dark chocolate part of the bark is made with beans from the famed Ucayali River area of Peru. Filled with fruity notes of ripe Turkish figs and banana bread, and sweet floral notes of borange blossoms.

The chocolate notes are married with the candied seville orange peel and finely-crushed roasted cacao nibs. The use of the seville orange peel is a great, not-too-sweet complement to the chocolate, and the cacao nibs add a nice textural element to the bark, along with the embedded feuilletine flakes - which (full disclosure) contain gluten.

Good bark is hard to find. If you are looking for something traditional but elevated for the holiday season - this might be the one for you. Each box contains a generous amount of bark, and the box can double as a gift box if you want to gift it to a loved one.

This is a seasonal item and only available during the holidays - once gone.

ingredients: 70-Percent dark chocoolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar), cocoa nibs, orange peel, feuilletine

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