SOMA 38-Percent Milk Old School Chocolate Bar
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SOMA 38% Milk Old School Chocolate Bar

90 gram bar - Toronto, Canada

This is a 38-percent milk bar from the highly prized Chuao Criollo cacao fom Venzuela. BUT, it's not like any other milk chocolate bar you've ever tasted. It's rustic and simple, and has a unique texture - almost like a cross between a chocoalte bar and a chocolate cookie.

Ella's tasting notes: The smell is of warm chocolate croissants, chocolate chips and cream. The bar crumbles quickly in your mouth. The chocolate, that is not still in nib bits, melts quickly and coats your palet, but the partially ground cacao nibs, milk, and large whole crystals of organic sugar combine into a bar that is more cookie-like in texture than any other chocolate bar you've seen - it's "old school". As the bar melts and crumbles, flavors are released of warm chocolate croissant, milk chocolate chip cookies, and malted cream, followed by butterscotch and pudding ... with the taste, crunch and crumble of a brown butter shortbread cookie layered on. The finish is rich caramel, a fruit note of ripe sweet blueberries, and light molasses flavor.

From the back:
Simple and pure.  Only three ingredients ground together in their vintage melanguer - no further processing, refining or conching. The partially ground Chuao cacao nibs, milk and whole crystals of organic cane sugar provide a unique, crumbly, almost cookie-like texture. 

ingredients: cacao nibs, milk powder, organic cane sugar

May contain traces of peantus, tree nuts, soy and dairy.

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