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Pump Street Chocolate 70% Panettone Dark Bar

70 gram bar - Suffolk, England


Skip the smell and melt stages and go for the bite. The snap is strong and firm.

The bite and chew is not a soft chocolate, it is a firm bite, a good thickness, and lots of chewing to release the flavors.

Covered in almonds and sugar crystals, hidden inside is a surprise of candied orange peel which explodes with a wonderful citrus explosion of flavor. The almonds gives a wonderful crunch and the sugar gives this crystally crunch of its own! 

It’s a fun bar to have for the holidays.

Inspired by the ever-popular Italian Christmas bread, Panettone.


ingredients: cocoa beans, can esugar, organic cocoa butter, flour (wheat), butter, egg yolk, malt extract, honey, salt, panettone natural essence, vanilla paste, armignac, candied orange peel, almonds, sugar crystals

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