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Can't Wait!
by Natalie Reed on 4/14/2021
Can't wait to use these for my holiday baking and in cannolis! They are beautiful and not full of the junk like those in the supermarkets.
You Deserve the Best
by Kevin on 12/1/2020
My holiday fruitcake is an enormous source of pride. They are lauded far and wide, and great wars have been fought over them. How is this possible? Premium ingredients, is why. For example, the deeper color and subtlety of flavor of these cherries helps elevate my fruitcake high above the crowd. It will do the same for you.
by Kathryn on 1/8/2019
Buy these cherries! They are delicious and they look beautiful in a fruitcake.
perfect for stollen
by Eliza on 12/20/2018
while I have been tempted to candy my own citrus peel, cherries are more than I can handle. So glad for this source! Just be sure to order in plenty of time for holiday baking!

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