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Mini Pastry Shells - 7 OZ (198 G) - 64 party cups

We here at ChefShop have a great deal of experience with parties, catering them, throwing them, or mostly just attending them. And we know how much trouble it is to create both savory and sweet bites to please guests.

The challenge with tiny tartlets is the time to make and bake all of those shells, let alone the anxiety of preparing the perfect fillings. Commercially baked and packaged pastry shells usually end up tasting like cardboard and detract from your delicious filling.

We've discovered a product imported from Holland that has passed the taste test here at ChefShop, and that's saying something!

These 64 little fluted shells measure about 1 3/4 inches in diameter and about 1/2 inch deep, and taste like they come from your own kitchen.

Made with flour, vegetable oil, shortening, and salt they are crisp and flaky with just the right mouth feel provided by the salt and fat. They are perfect to do double duty as either savory or sweet tartlets - just imagine a little dollop of buttery lemon curd topped by a sliver of strawberry.

They are also versatile enough to use as a base for a whole host of hors d'oeuvres.

These mini pastry shells have minimal ingredients and are shelf stable with no need to be refrigerated. If you need them for the pantry, they will do the job. They do not replace freshly made.

Note that although we try to pack the mini pastry shells very carefully, there will be some (5% to 6%) breakage during shipping.

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