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Paqu Jaya Yellow Peruvian Chili Sauce

220 gram bottle - Peru

El Amarillo
Peruvian Yellow Chili Sauce

The Paqu Jaya El Amarillo Peruvian Yellow Chili Sauce has a hint of green to the nose, like a fresh bell pepper, and the taste of a yellow pepper. It is a blend of oranges, mangoes and a hit of garlic matched with hot yellow chilis.

It has a sweet presence and the heat comes to you at the back of the throat. The taste buds might not even mention the spicy heat until it makes it to the back of the mouth. The throat will let you know there is some heat and there will be some involuntary opening of pores.

Choose this one if you want the expressive flavor that chilis can give without excessive heat. It’s a quite joyful chili sauce.

Mix ketchup and this Peruvian chili sauce for a dip of divine perfection!

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