Organic Sprinkling Umeboshi Japanese Furikake
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Organic Sprinkling Umeboshi Japanese Furikake Seasoning

2.4 oz jar - Japan

Organic and vegan, this umeboshi furikake contains mostly sesame seeds, brined ume plums, dried brined shiso leaves, and nori seaweed. Easy-to-use condiment perfect as a topping on rice, meat, fish or salad. Our organic furikake is made only with plant-based ingredients, and it's free from additives and artificial flavors. Considered a typical and necessarily stable seasoning in Japan.




Salt cured toasted black sesame seeds, toasted white sesame seeds, ground white sesame seeds, dried umeboshi flakes (ume plums, shiso leaves, sea salt), dried shiso flakes (shiso leaves, sea salt), green nori flakes, sea salt


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