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Mission Chocolate Romeo and Juliet Cream Cheese White Bar with Guava

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Silver: Americas 2019 International Chocolate Awards for White Chocolate Bars w. Inclusions or Pieces.

Sweet cream cheese white chocolate with candied guava pieces and with a beautiful candied guava heart on the back.

This luscious cream-cheese chocolate will win your heart - literally. Inspired by the local flavors of guava paste and cheese - a typical combination in Brazil. Where Spain has their classic quince paste and cheese, Brazil has guava paste and cheese.

The pieces of sweet guava are spread artfully on the back of each bar that ensures you get a guava piece with every bite of cream-cheese chocolate. PLUS she places a beautiful heart-shaped piece of guava on back of each bar; perfect for that special chocolate-loving somone in your life.

Ella's Tasting Notes: The cream cheese white chocolate melts immediately, releasing a rich white chocolate with a slight tang.  It is reminiscent of the creme fraiche creme brulee.  Bite into a piece of candied guava and suddently the rich creamy dessert becomes tropical.

ingredients: cocoa butter, organic sugar, milk powder, cream cheese, guava

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