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Mission Chocolate Horchata White Chocolate Bar with Puffed Rice and Cinnamon

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

White chocolate bar with puffed rice and cinnamon. Based on the Brazilian dessert of the same name made with rice, cinnamon, and usually some milk. This bar is part of Mission's Brazilian Dessert series, which includes Romeo & Juliet Bar (cream cheese and guava paste), and Pamonha (Sweet corn tamale)

Ella's tasting notes: As soon as you open the wrapper, you get the aromas of malted cream, vanilla and cinnamon. A pleasing combination that comes through clearly in the bar. The white chocolate has a veltety texture, but then comes the crew.  Crunching the crisp puffed rice releases a mild flavor of toasted rice. The full flavor experience lingers in your mouth - rich vanilla rice pudding with a sprinkle of cinnamom. 


ingredients: cocoa butter, organic sugar, milk powder, orgnanic puffed rice, spices

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