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Mama Lil's Pickled Green Beans - 26.5 oz jar Seattle

Green Beans in a pepper infused vinegar, garlic and salt. What could be better?

They crunch when you munch. Hard to resist. You pull one out, and without a doubt, it's a treat that can't be beat!

Now we show it on a sandwich, in a salad, or on a plate as a cool side. But really, we have eaten every last one of the first sample jar just plain. IT must be good for you and healthy too ? 'cause we crave them soooo!

Though it's a silent jar, every time I open it, there magically seems to be hands reaching in to have "just one"!
Keywords: Mama Lil's, pickled, green beans, Food & Wine

ingredients: green beans, vinegar infused with peppers, salt and garlic 


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