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Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder

4 oz - Established 1876 for export to England by two industrious locals in India

Merwanjee Poonjiajee & Sons Private LTD

Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder tin encases a recipe that has been handed down generation to generation, maintaining the quality that the two founders, Merwanjee and Poonjiajee, created 145+ years ago.

Madras Curry is like many spice mixtures, there are many variations of the ingredients and proportions. Madras, (or Madrasapattinam) India, now called Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, India, is on the Coromandel Coast and the second largest port in India. Sun Brand Madras Curry was one of the first curries to be exported.

We carry Sun Brand Madras Curry Powder because we have many curry lovers who tell us it is the best that you can find out there. You, of course can make your own ... but we like the very fine powder and the ease of having it in our Essential Pantry. 
A yellow curry powder with a following.... Try it out and see what people are talking about!

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