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Item #: 8979
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Description & Details

Love Cocoa Honeycomb and Honey Milk Chocolate Bar

80 gram bar - Great Britain

Honeycomb and Honey Milk
Chocolate Bar

What a wonderful surprise. Even though the name is inviting, one doesn't quite know what to expect.

It is a wonderful milk chocolate on the front and when you roll it over there is bits and pieces of honeycomb sporadically scattered about. It is fun that every bite is just a little bit different.

This bite is soft and an en-joyous mouth feel. It is as you might imagine and also full of surprises. It is indeed a heavenly feel of milk chocolate, exactly how you want milk chocolate to be. Rich, smooth and milky.

And the crunch of the honeycomb is also just about right. Adding a hint of sweet crunch makes the bar and the bite a delightful twist to what you desire.

It took over half a bar in little bites and a whole lot of constraint to not consume the whole thing. Sharing is important to do, especially as the world as we know it is changing, even when it comes to chocolate.

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