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Description & Details

Love Cocoa Gin and Tonic Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

80 gram bar - Great Britain

Gin and Tonic Organic Dark Chocolate Bar
from Love Cocoa         This dark chocolate has juniper, lemon and lime blended with a 70% single origin organic fair trade chocolate. And a Great Taste Award Winner!

Without crunching, the tongue detects flavor, and when you do bite in the flavors expand. A strong juniper flavor comes with a citrus twist aroma. You feel surrounded with a dark chocolate and a bit of dryness over the top of the tongue to finish.

It is quite enticing to the mouth. It is not a simple taste by any means. It is in fact curious and makes you want to explore. One piece is satisfying and perhaps all you might need. On the other hand, eating more is an enjoyable and fun experiential moment.

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