La Trinquelinette Strawberry Jam
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La Trinquelinette French Strawberry Jam

370 grams - France

Sometime you just want a strawberry jam!

Peanut butter and jelly. Most of us grew up with it. The go to sandwich made with Wonder bread for much of our grade school life until we hit puberty and high school where cool was not a peanut butter and jelly anything.

Today we skip the bread and the combination of peanut butter and jelly, split them apart, otherwise known in hip terms as “deconstruction” and a term that is no longer cool either...

Peanut butter in your milk shake and it is a "protein" shake and it makes the ice cream healthy for you. Or for dinner when you are trying to cut your calories (and too lazy to make anything) peanut butter with an apple is easy.

And bread is now a delicacy when you bake it yourself, slathered in a couple of tablespoons of protein butter and made from an "exotic" flour called whole wheat that you got at the grocery store.

And jam is no longer jam or jelly. We know now that marmalade is different from jam or jelly or conserves or even a fruit spread.

And this is a good thing! There is no denying that there are a million great fruit based spreads out there.

Finding ones you like is both easy and difficult. When you crave for a jam any one will often do.

If you have time, though, and you’re not traveling, having one on hand that is outstanding is an important job to succeed at.

As many of you know that the Abricot (Apricot) jam we sold out a month or so back is divine. One giant spoonful and you are in a happy place. It takes on the apricot and makes it crazy delicious!

When it comes to strawberry there are a zillion of those. And these days they are often more jelly like than jam smooth.

Some tout theirs big chunks of berry, which quite frankly ruins the spread ability of the jam. It is like spreading jam with speed bumps. And many are sickly sweet, not in a happy sugar kind of way. More like a bad taffy that is stuck to your teeth way.

And then there is this Fraise (strawberry) jam from the same people who make the Abricot! It tastes like strawberry, like you want it too.

The morsels that are left are not visual chunks of bumps. Instead, they are like packets of strawberry explosions. Or are they more like a bite of strawberry flesh you are eating?

In any case the jam is sweet, of course, with sugar, yet when you are done with a spoonful, it is the flavor of strawberry that remains.

This French Strawberry Jam is like what you remember and want it to be. It is worth always having on hand for the daytime and for the late night saltines, peanut butter and Fraise jam. Just like what I used to do in high school.

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