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La Trinquelinette French Apricot Jam

350 gram jar - France


French Apricot Jam
Sometimes unrequited love is worth it.

For many of us apricots are a “yeah, whatever” or “never touch ‘em” and others can’t wait until May or June when the first of the apricots are ripe on the tree. (This is really a sweet year here for apricots.)

A great fresh apricot is like candy. Hard to comprehend when our first taste of an apricot is a dried one, tart and chewy and quite unappealing. So we think, why bother…

So many foods, when you have it fresh, as close to the earth as possible, picked-at-their-peak, can be mind blowing good. Like a fresh apricot.

And sometimes, those foods can be transformed, placed into a jar and come out just like you want them to be. Freshly delicious!

And thats what we have here. This Abricot fruit cooked in a copper cauldron with brown sugar, where time and patience make all the difference.

It is by all tastes, amazing! It tastes like fresh apricots, though never sharp or sour, and it is like a spoonful of a sweet treat.

The flavor of apricot, the way a freshly bitten fruit would be, is all there, swelling like a balloon rising , the smoothness of the flavor envelops all the senses, with the right cheek filling more than the left and then the tongue feels the weight of the flavor. And then suddenly you realize the physical being is gone, and all you are tasting is the memory!

And what a memory! It is indeed splendiferous.

It is indeed spoon ready, and perfect for a croissant, sourdough bread, scone, oatmeal, cheese, pork chop and chicken. And of course crépes!

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