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Essential Pantry Israeli Couscous - Bon Appetit Mag - 1 lb = Just under 3 cups
As seen in Bon Appetit Magazine (Saveur 100, 2011).

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This delectable couscous is much larger and has a creamier texture than the tiny, fluffy North African version. Served warm, this pearl-like pasta is pure comfort food.

In Lebanon, where it may be known as "maftoul," it is traditionally served pilaf-style with chicken or lamb. Cook it with a little vegetable stock, and then add some petit black lentils, chopped peppers, olives, onions, tomatoes, herbs, a good squeeze of lemon juice and some olive oil for a superb salad.
About Israeli Couscous
Israeli Couscous is a small, round semolina pasta that should not be confused with the tiny, yellow North African couscous; it’s a different animal altogether! Sometimes called pearl couscous or maftoul, it resembles barley, or very small, white peas.

After being shaped and rolled into small balls, these semolina pearls are toasted in an open-flame oven. This distinguishes the couscous from most pasta, which is dried but not toasted. Toasting lends the Israeli couscous a distinctive, nutty flavor and particularly satisfying mouthfeel, and it also seals in the starch and reinforces the exterior, allowing the pearls to absorb liquid without falling apart. This is why Israeli couscous is ideal for saucy preparations – whatever the sauce or reduction, the couscous absorbs the flavor beautifully, and the sauce sticks well to every tiny pearl.

Although Israeli couscous does not cook quite as fast as the quick-cooking version of North African couscous, it’s much speedier than the traditional method of steaming couscous several times.

DIRECTIONS - Add 1 1/4 cups of boiling water to 1 cup of Israeli Couscous. Cover pot and simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

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