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Heilala Bourbon Vanilla Extract 2x (Double Strength)

4 oz bottle - Organic - New Zealand / Tonga

No chemicals or nasty synthetic imitations here. Only the best organic vanilla beans are used before Heilala's cold extraction and unique aging process takes place, resulting in a true vanilla aroma and the purest taste imaginable.

This versatile bourbon vanilla extract is perfect for all your baking needs or whenever a recipe calls for vanilla extract or essence. Harvested this year, this bourbon vanilla extract tastes like vanilla, smells more like a bean than alcohol and is double strength (two-times the "vanilla" flavor or less diluted than 1X), NO sugar is in 2X, and Heilala is wheat free.

Double fold Extract has 37% alcohol.
Using a whey alcohol, this ethanol has no allergens, is free from dairy and wheat, and has a less offensive alcohol odor.

About Heilala:
Heilala is the only company that controls their vanilla and vanilla products from seed to final product. They are dedicated to growing and producing naturally and sustainably grown vanilla, so you know that great care has been taken from begining to end.

Heilala Vanilla -A Fragrant Trip to Paradise Read about Heilala and the beautiful land for which it comes. Click Here
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