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Hawkshead Relish Hot Garlic Pickle

287 gram jar - Lake District, UK

Hot Garlic Pickle
Hawkshead Relish

How strange! Open this jar, get a resounding pop and see strange!

The unexpected!!!

Literally and in reality there are cloves of garlic that await you. That is what you see instantly, immediately!

After the shock of seeing cloves of garlic sitting on top, curiosity creates an imminent and a strong desire to pop a clove to taste.

First and foremost the garlic is smooth and friendly (you should have no fear of eating a clove of garlic) and the spices are tangy tingly and fun. There is heat for sure but not over the top. More like friendly in your face heat. Like I want to meet you heat. Your lips could tingle too.

The red chili peppers give the heat and the background jump from the mustard. The turmeric gives it the Indian flair. Hard to explain, this relish is tasty! It is indeed spoon ready!

This a excerpt of what Maria wrote about the creation of this delightful happy relish that is worth having now!!

"Over the years, Mark and I have travelled to India with our daughters in search of spices, recipes and of course a little mid-winter warmth.

This pickle was developed after a trip to Madras, during which we ate at a restaurant that served up a main course heavily seasoned with garlic and spices. The flavours were outstanding, and Mark's notebook immediately came out; he was convinced that it would work as a pickle."

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