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Florian French Candied Red Cherries for Baking

7 ounce bag - The Confiserie Florian du Vieux Nice, France

Florian French Candied Red Cherries for Baking
from The Confiserie Florian du Vieux Nice, France

The process of candying fruit is time consuming and nerve-racking; what with making sure the sugar concentration, times, and temperatures are all correct -- not to mention the quality of the fruit.

Candying cherries for baking is even more complicated since that beautiful red color is very fragile, and can be quickly damaged by heat.

Florian Cherries made from premium quality fruit and no coating is used after the candying process so that optimum moist texture and natural fruit crunch are achieved.

These gorgeous candied red cherries are packaged immediately to retain their full flavor. They are of the Bigarreaux variety, and they are perfect for a whole host of baking applications.

Use these candied cherries whole, or cut them in half for cookies and cakes. Can you imagine fruitcake without some bright red candied cherries?

ingredients: cherries, saccharose, citric acid, potassium sorbate, cochneal extract, sulphur dioxide

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