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Edmond Fallot Dijon Mustard

13.8 oz
 - Burgundy, France

In 1634, out of concern for the quality of its mustard, the city of Dijon imposed the first statues on the mustard-making trade. Even before this date the region was well known for the quality of its mustard.

The 18th century discovery of verjuice - juice from grapes harvested in Burgundy - put the finishing touch of quality to this fine product. Adding verjuice to the brown mustard seed and grinding the mixture using traditional grindstones - so as not to damage the heat-sensitive paste - helped to earn French stone ground dijon mustard a worldwide reputation for quality. 

Ingredients Water, Mustard Seeds, Vinegar, Salt, Potassium, Metabisulphite, Citric Acid, Spice.

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