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Chateau Virant Wine Jelly

11.3 oz jar - France
Tasting notes:
A very pure, smooth, winey jelly. The color of the jelly is similar to the amber stone you finds prehistoric animals in, or at least how it looks in movies, but without the animal after taste. The texture is smoooooth with nooooothing more than wine flavor, in a translucent, gelatinous “liquid” that it is soooo smoooooth.

Yumm! It is made from a mulled wine that is reduced until all the alcohol has evaporated, and then sugar and pectin are added. The taste is of a wonderful wine with a sweetness that is special. It went well with Brie, though I expect it will go much better with a semi-hard cheese, like the Pecorinu.

About Château Virant
Château Virant is produced by a family-run business. In the 1950s, they were the first in France to cultivate both olive groves and vineyards and make use of both for commercial production.

The olives are cold-pressed on the property the same day they're picked, and the oil is kept in stainless steel vats with balloon-like coverings, protecting the contents from any exposure. The groves are maintained throughout the year with great care. Overall, Chateau Virant's strict procedures in crop management, harvest, handling of the fruit and cleanliness and speed of oil production results in top-ranking in lab analysis by the French and European authorities.

mulled grape juice, sugar, pectin

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