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Ceylon Cinnamon Bark - Organic

4 oz - Big Island, Hawaii

A Bark with a Healthy Bite

Meet Tane talking about Cinnamon- Video

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark from the Island of Hawaii. Farmer Tane talks about the leaves of the tree and the stimulation properties of cinnamon. Watch the video clip here.

Open the bag, put your schnoz inside and take a big whiff ... "ooh-la-la", to quote Grace Potter. This is what you expect, this is what you want, this is, and I mean IS, organic cinnamon bark.  

Open the bag and see a tree, see the bark and wonder how it can be, something like this is so de’lish’iss’ee! Break a little loose, pop-it-in-your-mouth and in a second or two the cinnamon tingles your tongue and the flavor imparts, leaving a eidetic memory.

Use a coffee grinder to make a quick and easy powder. And don't worry the leftover cinnamon goes into your next cup of coffee nicely!

Freshly cut from a small stand of trees in Hawaii, when Ceylon cinnamon bark comes in like this, we jump for joy as it reminds us why we chose it in the first place. The man who planted the trees to harvest, chose Ceylon for it’s good health properties, it’s chemical properties and also for it’s “taste”.

This Ceylon cinnamon bark is grown on a certified organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Tane's trees grow 4-5 years before harvesting the limbs. (Most trees are chopped down after 1 to 1.5 years). Not only does waiting increase the yield, but Tane feels that the cinnamon then has a stronger flavor and has a little more kick to it.

The Veins of the Leaf from Tim Mar on Vimeo.

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