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Blacklick Spice Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce

5 oz bottle - Sugar Land, TX

Heat level: medium

Based on a secret family recipe which represents authentic island style.  But, as with all family recipes, it has some unusual flavors that make it stand out.

ingredients: cider vinegar, spice, habanero, salt, garlic

Blacklick Hot
Bajan Sauce

To the eye it is a wonderful orange reddish color that looks quite inviting

Open the top but don't be ready to take a big whiff because, even from a distance of 9 inches, you can still smell the heat that's emanating from the plastic shaker top which, thankfully, will only allow a couple drops at a time. Trust me this is a good thing!

With a careful pass by your nose, you can tell there's a sweetness that comes through. Be cautious, for what might be inside this innocent looking bottle lurks some real heat.

Dip your tongue, just your tongue into a spoon of sauce and there is an immense tingle that emanates through the bulk of the tongue and right to the forehead and out to your ears.

What follows is a good, hot, very friendly sweet bell pepper nuance. Though there are no bell peppers in here. This sauce is pure hot pepper.

Like a great hot sauce, it doesn't kill your senses but gives you that punch and hit that you were looking for.


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