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Belazu Beldi Preserved Lemons

220 grams (drained) - UK

As featured in Ottolenghi's cookbook, SIMPLE

Preserved Beldi Lemons!

Amazing versatility is this lemon!

To make preserved lemons is easy. Salt, lemons, time.

Preserved lemons are a wonderful go-to add-to a recipe kind of food. Use as a topping, an ingredient or as a taste-changer. Any place you use a lemon you can use a preserved one for more punch and flavor. This intense concentration of flavor is more than a lemon, it is a releaser of flavor in your mouth!

This combination of salt and lemon and time makes a flavor bomb when combined with chicken, for instance, by bringing out the best in your fowl. A bit like sardines, another flavor enhancer bomb, it might not appeal to all your senses right off the bat, but once you incorporate a preserved lemon into your next dish you might just find a new love.

We like these preserved lemons because they are whole, small, little round globes. Smaller than a golf ball, they have a very thin skin, easy to cut and to chew. As a garnish whole, they look cute and gorgeous, dressing up any dish!

Make your own or try these. Preserved lemons are the sour, salt, bitter bomb!

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