Askinosie White Chocolate Bar with Cocoa Nibs
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Askinosie Goat White Chocolate Bar with Cocoa Nibs

85 gram bar - Springfield, Missouri

AVAILABLE IN OUR SEATTLE RETAIL STORE ONLY - Please feel free to call for more information.

This handcrafted single origin white chocolate with 34% cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans sourced directly from farmers in Davao, Philippines. Made from single origin cocoa butter and certified organic cane sugar and goat’s milk powder to create real, bean-to-bar white chocolate. We then add Davao, Philippines roasted cocoa nibs to the back of the bar - giving it a beautiful cocoa-nib bitterness to balance out the sweet of the white chocolate.  It's a winning combination.


ingredients: organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, roasted cocoa nibs, goat's milk powder

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