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Argencove Masaya 70-Percent Dark Chocolate Bar

50 gram bar - Granada, Nicaragua

The beans for the Masaya bar are grown in the historic Masaya region of Nicaragua - one of the many unique micro-climates in and around Granada.  Masaya is an area with many active volcanos.

Silver: 2021 International Chocolate Awards Winner for Micro-Batch-Plain/Origin Dark Chocolate Bars.

Ella's tasting notes:

The Masaya bar melts quickly, releasing a host of complex flavor notes. The texture is smooth and creamy. The bar begins with rich, earthy chocolate notes, followed immediately by intense lemon. The lemon gives it a brightness, and the fresh lemon notes transition to grilled lemon with hints of cranberry, followed by green banana, then caramelized banana pudding, but still with the bright lemon notes. 

To The Nose - To a light sniff it smells like chocolate. To a big inhale there seems to be a bit of cherry or sweetness to it.

The Break - a good break not exactly a snap.

First Bite - not hard but firm

First Melt - dark, that cherry smell comes thru to the tongue

Second Melt - the cherry is less pronounced and more richness of a dark chocolate. If you push the melting chocolate with your tongue towards your front teeth you might get the hint of cherry.

Bite Away - The bite is good. You get a a more pronounced flavor of spices, including a hint of sweet cinnamon.

Silver Award-winning micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bar of the 2019 “Americas” Bean-to-bar and Chocolatier Competition category of the International Chocolate Awards.

Silver Award-winning micro-batch – Plain/origin dark chocolate bar of the 2019 “Central Americas” Competition of the International Chocolate Awards.

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