Ambrosia Recipe
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Ambrosia Recipe

A simple winter dessert with a twist of the tropics from Whendi Grad at Big Island Bees.


 8 oranges

 1 lemon

 2 tablespoons Big Island Bees Macadamia Blossom Honey

 Grated Essential Pantry Dried Unsweetened Coconut - Wide Cut or chopped nuts for garnish


 1. Cut peel from 6 oranges, being careful to remove all the pith. Slice the oranges into a bowl.

2. Cut the peel off of 6 oranges with a sharp knife being careful to remove all the pith. Remove the orange segments from their casing, and put into a serving bowl with the juice of the remaining oranges and the lemon. Toss gently to mix, and serve garnished with coconut or chopped nuts.

3. Adding sliced banana or fresh pineapple is delicious too!

serves 6 to 8

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