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Approximately 5 Pounds of Sashimi-Grade Tuna Fillets - 1 Fillets - Maui

Note: Price is for approximately 5.0 pounds of our Ahi / Yellowfin Tuna for Sale (Fillets). If shipment is larger than 5.1 pounds, then additional poundage will be charged at market price. If less than 4.9 pounds, then a discount will be extended.

Yellowfin tuna get their name from their long, bright yellow fins. The largest Yellowfins can be over 100 pounds and have a very high fat content which makes them very desirable.

Our sashimi grade Yellowfin Tuna is an excellent choice for sustainability as it is troll caught which is the preferred method - it has the fewer side effects for the environment.

The highest sashimi grade Yellowfin Tuna has a higher fat content, develops a deeper red color that commands a higher price and is great for sashimi and other raw preparations. Sashimi grade Yellowfin Tuna is graded for fat content and color as well as freshness. Only the most red and highest fat content fish are used for sashimi and sushi.

Fresh ahi tuna is usually for sale year-round with its greatest availability between the months of April and September. The rich, red flesh of the Yellowfin cooks to a wonderful white "steak". This tuna is great for searing, broiling, baking and sauteing.

Since Ahi grows so big, 5 pounds of Ahi Tuna will usually come in 1 fillets.

important ordering information:
You must pre-order your fresh Ahi tuna by end-of-day Thursday for shipping the following week. Please indicate what ship week you would like if you are ordering farther in advance. We will ship early in the week to ensure the fish arrives before the weekend. You will be contacted by e-mail to confirm your order.

For more details or larger orders, please call 1-800-596-0885 or email:

additional information:
- Price includes Overnight shipping.
- We try to get as close to ordered weight as possible, and still maintain the integrity of the fish. Price is pro-rated to the closest tenth of a pound at the same per-pound rate.

- All Hawaiian Fish is shipped Overnight from Hawaii. Locations east of the Rockies will take two days to arrive.
- It is important that someone be home to receive the yellowfin tuna sashimi when it arrives, to make sure it is refrigerated right away. It may be better to send it to a business address if you are not home during the daytime hours.

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