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Wedderspoon Organic Beechwood Honey - 11.5 oz jar - New Zealand

The Rata belongs to the myrtle family of trees, which also include manuka, kanuka and swamp maire. There are two main types of rata, the northern and southern.

Organic Rata Honey is sourced from the protected Southern Rata tree (Metrosideros umbellate), found in New Zealand’s National Forests, and is a cousin to the Hawiian Ohi'a Lehua tree. The Rata only flowers once every 2 years, making Rata an extremely rare honey. , Like Ohi'a Lehua honey, it's naturally thick and creamy, and almost white in color.

Rata honey has a wonderfully rich, floral aroma and a very unique taste. Like most raw honeys, it contains live enzymes, minerals and vitamins, making it a tasty super food.
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