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Etruria Thousand Flower Honey - 250 gr - Umbria, Italy

The northernmost tip of Umbria juts between the regions of Tuscany and Marche - the area is also just a stone's throw from the southern edge of Emilia Romagna, a beautiful landscape, in the heart of Italy's central Apennine Mountains. Helped by a lack of usable roads, this rugged area, is relatively un-disturbed by man. Full of national parks and preserves, it is home to some of the most diverse flora in all of Europe. It is in these rugged mountains that Vinicio Mosconi takes his bees to make honey for Giuseppe Cagnoni of Etruria.

The area located from 800 to 1000 meters above sea level has the greatest variety and the highest concentration of wild flowers blooming from early spring to summer, and this is where Vinicio takes his bees - using a sturdy old jeep where most vehicles would fear to tread. The mountains, flowers and bees know no political boundaries so one day beekeeper and bees can be found in Marche, another in Tuscany, and yet another in Umbria. They are gathering nectar for their Millefiori, "thousand flower" honey famed throughout the area and the rest of Italy. The pristine nature of the areas his bees cover allow their honey to be labeled organic. The honey is collected in late august without using any heat and allowed to mature for 1 to 2 months before packaging.

At room temperature the honey is golden colored, thick and spreadable. The floral aroma is second to none will the flavor is rich and bright with enough acidity to keep it from being too sweet. It is a perfect honey for both the table and the kitchen. Try some on your next cream scone.

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