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One 1.5 pound stollen Stollen - Seattle - A Baked-to-Order item, fresh-baked-daily -

I can't wait 'till we can order this up and start sharing in the store! Sample a little, everyone loves it! My basic rule, share a little, have a little!

A traditional loaf-shaped German sweet bread made with candied orange peels, golden raisins, rum and marzipan and covered with powdered sugar or icing. Originating from Dresden, Germany, stollen is usually eaten during the Christmas season when called Christstollen. 
Many cultures have holiday breads or cakes. The Italians have panettone, the Dutch have Kerststol, the Mexican's have Three Kings Bread, the Brits have Figgy Pudding, and Americas has the American Fruitcake. Many of these "breads" came to be through necessity - a way to preserve a highly nutritious and caloric fruits and nuts during times of travel; the original "power" bar. But all have evolved to represent the joys and bounties of the holiday season.

Our stollen is made by Chef Jean-Claude Ferre here in Seattle. Airier than the original, dense, wholegrain sweetbread you might find on the streets of Dresden, the marzipan center does not go un-noticed. Perfect sliced thin, toasted lightly, and smothered in butter. Delicous!

Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Golden Raisins (soaked in rum), Egg, Orange Candied, Sugar, Milk, Almond (marzipan), Salt, yeast

about Jean-Claude
Raised on the outskirts of Alençon, Normandy, Jean-Claude attended Culinary School starting at the tender age of fourteen. He was then sent to Paris to learn about desserts and chocolate confection and soon there after work for four years in Switzerland for renowned Master Chocolate-maker Roland Stauss. He eventually returned to Normandy and opened his first pastry shop in 1976. Later, he was hired as a consultant and worked in Saudi Arabia - and later Alaska. That is when his Northwest venture started - and boy are we glad for that.

Jean-Claude has been in the "trade" for over forty years before he opened his Pastry Shop in 2003 and he has never looked back.

Stollen Love Song from Tim Mar on Vimeo.

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