Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Tuna Tin
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Ortiz Bonito del Norte (White) Tuna - net wt. 3.95 oz - Spain - Dolphin safe

This can of tuna is the perfect size for lunch! We love the shape of the can, which fits easily in the palm of your hand. Opening it reminds us of those romantic (fantasy or real) wicker basket picnics in a green field in your locale of choice. A pantry must!

About Bonito del Norte
Bonito Del Norte (White Tuna) is a homemade specialty of Ortiz. These are authentic white tuna; they appear annually in the waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Cantabrian Sea. The Bonito del Norte is the most prized of the tuna family, appreciated for its pure white flesh, delicate texture and superb taste. Line caught, within a 24-hour period of being caught, large chunks of delicious fish are cooked in seawater and the loins are hand-packed in quality olive oil to preserve the tuna's highly prized flavor, and left to mature in the can for at least three months. This aging process helps ensure that the product is moist and delicious when finally opened.

Serving Suggestions
This terrific tuna makes a beautiful Salade Niçoise - a huge transformation from standard US canned tuna. Serve as an antipasto, hors d'oeuvres, and part of Spanish Tapas. It's pretty tasty right out of the tin, too. A perfect size for a high-protien lunch for one.

Ingredients: White tuna, olive oil, salt.
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