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Organic Farro Spelt - 1 lb bag - Washington State

The genetics of Lentz' Spelt (Triticum spelta) and Lentz Emmer Farro (Triticum dicoccum) were vital to agriculture long before wheat. Today these two ancestral hulled-grain varieties rank as superb not only nutritionally, but also as gourmet alternatives to commodity wheat. They're natural grains, wholesome, and not bioengineered (they're "GMO-free").

The rising interest in health foods in the 1970s shed new light on the ancestral grains like, emmer and spelt, and their nutritional benefits in human nutrition. Heirloom varieties across the whole spectrum of food crops rose in popularity because health conscious consumers distrust the plant breeding methods of the past hundred years. Concurrent with modern trends in breeding, farm chemicals became a growing aspect of mainstream agriculture over the last 30 years, allowing for industrialization of farming by monoculture practices.

Although heirloom grain varieties are believed to be superior because they're more "natural," science has recently begun to prove what natural-food fans have suspected for years; Incessant breeding of modern cultivars has resulted in foods far removed from the original genetics and nutrition composition that had evolved in nature. But it is not just about being more "natural;" it has been confirmed by a Montana State University comparison study of modern wheat and spelt, that spelt does indeed have a considerably better uptake of soil nutrients, particularly of minerals like zinc. Spelt and Emmer are just better; better nutrition AND better tasting.

Simply wholesome, you can use spelt in place of wheat berries, for sprouts, for hot breakfast cereal, in soups and in salads. Spelt berries also make great flour, if you have a kitchen mill.

Note that people who suffer from wheat intolerance report that spelt well into their diet. However, spelt and emmer products are wheat-free but not gluten-free. People with celiac disease, i.e. allergy to gluten, are advised to consult their doctor regarding spelt and emmer diets.

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