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Opera Prima Olive Oil - 500 ml - Liguria, Italy (2015 harvest)

Use this light, silky olive oil as the Ligurians do, over fish, seafood, and other delicate dishes, and of course, pesto.

Flavor Notes
These late-harvest Taggiasche olives are picked by hand and pressed the same day to insure a yield extremely low in acidity. This golden olive oil with an ever-so-slight green tinge has a very light and delicate nose of ripe olives so characteristic of good olive oils made from this scarce taggiasche. It opens light and buttery on the lips and palate, refreshingly so, unlike some of the heavy oils from the south. This light buttery taste attains a hint of sweetness and almonds on the mid palate and leaves you with a clean finish and a smile.

About the Producer
Opera Prima is produced by the Pietrantica farm, which is located among the hills of inner Liguria in the area of Dolcedo. The groves are at a particularly high elevation for growing olives, 300 to 400 meters above sea level, which minimizes the number of parasites and the need for pest treatments.
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