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Etruria Organic Miglio ( Millet ) - 1 pound bag - Umbria, Italy

Organic Millet
A nutritious alternative to wheat grains

This nutritious, small seed grass, has been grown as a grain for human consumption over the last 10,000 years. In Asia and Africa (India and Nigeria) millet is an important part of the diet. With its short growing seasons in hot and arid conditions, millet is a very productive crop.

Palaeoethnobotanists archaeologists hypothesize millet was in “vogue” before rice. First evidence of millet appears in Asia/China, and then migrated towards Europe about 5,000 BC.

Millet flour has been used to make hand rolled flat breads (roti) that many cultures have of varying styles. Millet as a grain is used to make porridge in Europe adding milk and sweeteners, or as a base for savory dishes.

In general, millet is comparable to wheat in protein, about 11%, some fat and good for iron. There are, like so many grains, many “versions” of millet. Pearl millet being the most common here.

Cook with a ratio of 1 millet to 3 liquid. You can cook and stir and make a mashed potato/porridge consistency or cook it like rice, meaning don’t stir it and you will get fluffy individual grains. If you are avoiding gluten or not, this is another easy fabulous grain to add to your pantry arsenal.

About the size of the head of a pin.


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